Needs Solutions.

A different structure and programming to:

Reach wide –

Lead chapters in NY and LA, and at least 9 satellite chapters located in strategic cities across the United States. Plus… industry affiliations in other countries to provide a global perspective and the opportunity for Marketable Creativity members to connect with professionals and other students worldwide.

Reach more –

Annually, Marketable Creativity programs like Creativity on Blast and Creativity Compass will introduce thousands of racially and ethnically diverse high school students to careers in Advertising & Marketing.

Reach earlier –

Efforts that begin with 9th graders and continue with…

Reach longer –

…sustained involvement throughout high school, college and into the early career years

Needs Continuity.

Engage early and remain involved.

Marketable Creativity will carry out its mission with efforts that begin in middle school, continue throughout high school and college, and extend into the post-graduate early career years.

Marketable Creativity Flagship Programs

Creativity on Blast symposia and in-school clubs.

An exciting week-long introduction to Advertising, Marketing, Technology, and Design for small groups of 10-15 students led by industry professionals.

After completion, students will be able to join an extracurricular Creativity on Blast club to hear guest speakers, participate in field trips, challenges, and other activities for greater exposure to Advertising & Marketing.

Creativity Compass school tour.

This first-of-its-kind interactive exhibit will travel to select schools across the country to help generate excitement, awareness, and interest in Advertising and other creative career fields. Industry professionals will be on hand to conduct Q&A sessions.

Target cities include:

  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Detroit
  • Baltimore
  • Washington, DC
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Atlanta

Ideas to Market (I-2-M)

Annually, each chapter of Marketable Creativity will conduct Ideas to Market (I-2-M) to give students real-world entrepreneurial experience. Students will select a single idea to design, develop, produce, and take to market. From T-shirts to wristbands to avatars to apps, whatever the students choose, they will gain firsthand experience in creative development, branding, communications strategy, positioning, market economics, and more.