Is Now.

Introducing Marketable Creativity, dedicated to igniting passion and developing new talent.

“The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made, and the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.”
-John Schaar

A New Diversity Model.

Marketable Creativity (MC) is a new organization devoted to helping realize a more inclusive and diverse advertising/marketing/technology/design industry workforce.

Is Taking Shape.

Let’s create a few zealots.

Talented young men and women who are crazy for big ideas, in love with problem solving, infatuated with strategy, excited about making meaningful connections, and hungry to unveil the next new thing.

Source: 2010 Job Patterns for Minorities and Women in Private Industry (EEO-1)

Dedicated to transforming the landscape.

Marketable Creativity is a nonprofit organization (501c3) committed to increasing an awareness of creative career fields in culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse students in grades 6 thru 9––career paths requiring both cognitive and aesthetic creative ability such as those found in Advertising & Marketing, Tech, and Industrial Design.

By extension, Marketable Creativity also aims to increase the participation and retention of a diverse workforce in these creative career fields.

Is Long Overdue.

Stay relevant or die.

It's in the numbers, the census numbers to be exact. The browning of America is now. Roughly 1 in 3 people in the United States today belongs to a racial or ethnic minority group. By 2020, minorities are expected to account for 40% of the population. But it’s America’s youth population that is leading the way to our becoming a majority-minority society. In 2009, 43% of children in the United States aged 19 and younger were non-white.

Broadening our talent pool will only make us better.

Diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences are essential to unearthing the best solutions. A depth and breadth of perspectives, however, is even more important when ideas are your competitive lifeblood.

Retire the role of culture vulture.

A racially and ethnically transformed marketplace will require efforts that resonate more deeply with greater relevance and cultural sensitivity. Representation and inclusion of diverse talent will help achieve this. Plus, it will also provide a more direct line to leading purveyors of pop culture.

Yes, you can find them.

The primary focus of Marketable Creativity is to fill the pipeline with qualified multicultural candidates, thereby silencing the oft-heard lament, “I can’t find them.” We will also work to help recruit and retain talented multicultural candidates.

Is In Sixth Grade.

And Advertising & Marketing isn’t even on their radar.

Nope, they’re setting their sights on other careers—Finance, Law, Education, Communications, Engineering, Psychology. These fields and others are what these young men and women will be earnestly studying in college when we attempt to persuade them to consider Advertising.

Attracting college students is too late.

Students of color don’t pursue Advertising & Marketing primarily because they don’t know it exists as a career choice. College isn’t necessarily the ideal time to make the introduction. Marketable Creativity will drive awareness and fuel interest in Advertising & Marketing as early as 6th grade.

Will Span America.

Casting a wide net with national reach...

Marketable Creativity will be the only organization of its kind with a national reach. It will cast a wide net with flagship chapters in New York and Los Angeles, followed by many satellite chapters in key cities across the country.

...and a global perspective.

Marketable Creativity will go beyond our borders to expand and frame creativity within a global context. Students will be exposed to advertising campaigns, design, art and culture, and more from around the world and will occasionally have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals and students from other countries.

Will Be In Demand.

Sustained involvement raises the bar.

Marketable Creativity (MC) will nurture middle and junior high school students and stay connected throughout high school and college. Marketable Creativity will offer many enrichment activities and opportunities for students to network and develop relationships with peers and professionals. Industry partnerships will allow Marketable Creativity to offer summer internships and scholarships for exceptional MC members. Ultimately, MC will assist with recruitment opportunities for full-time employment.

Nurturing talent with real support.

World of Work Preparedness Workshops (along with MC peer relationships, mentors, and internships) will ease school-to-work transitions and help companies retain what are sure to become highly sought-after MC alum.  Marketable Creativity will connect with parents too. We’ll introduce these important influencers to the possibilities of careers in Advertising & Marketing.  

Needs Disruptors.

We invite you to put your mark on the future.

So if you’re crazy for big game-changing ideas, fanatical about staying on top and out front, radical about smart transformations, then join us in our commitment to advance meaningful change in the industry we all love. To learn more about Marketable Creativity and opportunities for partnership and/or program sponsorship, contact us.

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